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My Eyes at Showcase Potsdam

One day. One song. One video.
That’s the motto of Showcase Potsdam. One take, no overdubs, no fixings.
Here is the recording we made there yesterday – ‘My Eyes’.
Come to see us live on the 13th of November at the Theater unterm Dach (Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin), 20:00.

Big thanks to the Showcasepotsdam, Jurgen, Markus and Klixx for recording, filming and supporting newcomers!
Pollytikk (Polina, Nicolas & Yoann)

Live at Madame Claude

Video from the gig at Madame Claude, Berlin. Every time I’ve played there, there was always great sound. And great audience!
On Bass – Nicolas Pannetier.

Salvation EP


Today I am happy to release my new two track EP ‘SALVATION’, produced by Nicolas Pannetier (Kater Kater). The first track you may already know from the video. The second one is called PASSPORT. Like the little book with your photo, name and maybe a chip that allows you to go through borders. Going through borders can be a very emotional thing. So here is the song. 🙂  Share, listen, buy and sing along! Big Hugs!

I’m gonna tell you a little story…


I am happy to be back on stage and on line with our newest work – Salvation.

This is my song produced by Kater Kater that we packed into a dancing video. Big thanks go on all of my great friends involved into dancing (Adrian, Corinne, Elena, Sabrina, Tidiane), filming, cooking, casting lights (Teo Vlad), mastering (Manuel Miethe)!

Also, on the 12th of February we will play a concert (vocals, guitar, bass) at the local Berlin music venue, Madame Claude. You are very much invited!
12.02.2016 at 9pm.
Entrance: donation from 1 to 6 Euro.
Address: Lübbener Str. 19, 10997 Berlin
Facebook: Event Link

Hope to see you this (or next) time!

Polly Tikk

Suka Lubov live

A live recording from the last concert with clarinet player Mateusz Rybicki. Spring 2015.

The song is called Suka Lubov (Love is a Bitch). Original comes from the 90s, Mikhei & Jumanji band.

It was a very cosy warm concert. As most of the concerts in MaThilda bar, Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin.
Recording: Sergei Kleyn

Tour 2014 – a look back

A thousand thanks (Tausend dank! Mille fois merci! Dankjewel!) to those who hosted these concerts and those who came, and all the great people we met on the way.
Polly Tikk

European Tour 2014

Tour 2014

I am very happy to announce POLLY TIKK Spring Tour 2014.
Starting from this Saturday, I am turning into a hard working singing bee. 13 concerts in 20 days! Germany, Belgium and a little bite of France.

If you know people in the following cities, please invite them for a concert!

POLLY TIKK sings about LOVE!

12.04. Detmold – Wohnzimmer

14.04. Göttingen – Café Kabale

15.04. Bochum – Goldkante

16.04. Bonn – Mr. & Mrs.

17.04. Köln – Kulturcafe Lichtung

19.04. Lille (FR) – Aux Haricots

20.04. Antwerpen (BE) – Bar Lucy

22.04. Antwerpen (BE) – Papa Jos

24.04. Lille (FR) – La Tanière

25.04. Mannheim – Einraumhaus

27.04. Bad Homburg – Apfelkern & Kolibri

29.04. Bamberg – Freiraum Bamberg

01.05. Dresden– Hole of Fame

Road reports are coming soon…