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Concerts in February

Dear Friends and Strangers,
There will be at least two concerts in February.

1st of February 2014 

Koffer Bar (new cosy music venue in Berlin)
Fuldastr. 31, Berlin

18th of February 2014

Madame Claude (old cosy music venue in Berlin)
Lübbener Str. 19, Berlin

This will be something like a Russian musicians evening. There is another act by Konstantin Schimanowski aka. TRIPS. You could compare our accents : )

Hope to see you there. The winter is not only about sitting at home in warmth.


Music Video Premiere

This is going to be one great evening in Prague.
Premiere of the music video “Hold me Tight”.

Directed by Emilio Bellu, Cinematography by Cédric Larvoire, Styling: Tamar Ginati

The screening will be followed by a concert, where Tom Levecchia, great American/Prague/Earthian trumpet player, will join me.

Looking very much forward to see old friends as well as some new faces.
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Pollytikk a-Live

On the 8th of June 2013 in Prague, me and Toto were part of a KinoCircus Party. It was film screening, 2 concerts, DJs, VJs and lots of dancing. We brought some video materials that were used for VJing during our concert. Here you mostly see close-ups of the skirt from Pollytikk DEMO album cover.

Thank you Emilio Bellu for sharing this video.

Concert in Prague



Every time I come to Prague I get beautifully photographed by my old friend Emilio Bellu.

Location: Hudební a divadelní klub Ilusion, Prague

Czech Month


It’s going to be a Czech month for me! Pollytikk will play the first ever show in Prague and one more in Berlin in a Czech bar.

8 June – Prague
Kino Party: POLLY and the MUMMY

Great party title, right? So I am playing at a film/music/vj/dj party at Vinohradská 48, Prague! Tongkwai Lulin, my recent music companion, will come as well to lay her baselines on cello. It is our first performance in Prague. We are both exited, since we both have some history in this beautiful town.

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20 June – Berlin
Zatopek Bar 

In Berlin I will play at Zatopek Bar. This Neukoelln bar is called after famous Czech runner Emil Zatopek. Like that runner was full of energy, this bar is full of activities. DJ open stage, music open stage, exhibitions, learning german evenings and table football competitions.

Niemetzstr. 24, Neukölln, Berlin at 9pm
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Salvation Live

This is another live concert recording from UnterTitel Bar. Salvation is the first song we tried to play together with Tong. I am very glad that she joined me to play live concerts.

Thank you to Werner von Schmausengarten for the recording.

Love Paradise

This is a song that I really like. Maybe cause I feel that it is not liked so much by the others ( as it is not a sweet beautifull one). Live concert recording was made a week ago by Werner von Schmausengarten at UnterTitel Bar, Berlin. Thank you, Werner!

Also it was the first concert I played together with Tong. Without amplification in that small venue it worked really well, I think. You can hear kitchen sounds in the beginning of the record. And in the end I promise to rehearse more songs with Tong. And we did.

The next show we play together is this Friady at ORi Gallery Berlin, 24th of May at 21:00.

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