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Demo CD Release

I am happy to announce that my Demo CD is out. Thank you everyone for coming to my CD release concert at Lagari! It was really great. Also thanks for buying CDs. I am happy I can “sing” now in your homes, cars, headphones.

All the songs are recorded with one take, guitar and voice simultaneously. This is how I perform my music live these days.


Photography: Pedro Pina Vasconcelos
Styling: Tamar Ginati
Recording: SYPE Studios Prague, Track #3 – Mista Brazil‘s kitchen
Design: Pollytikk

This would not be possible without: Nicolas Pannetier, Herr Grunert, Tamar Ginati, Jana and Tomáš Patlichovi, Nastia, Natalia and Sergey Tikk.

Viele Liebe )


Demo CD Concert Photo: Nana A.T. Rebhan

Demo CD Concert
Photo: Nana A.T. Rebhan