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This post I would like to dedicate to an ongoing performance that I am involved in. It is called PIECES.

PIECES is an eclectic performance, musical piece, contemporary dance and literature reading dealing with identity. It was not always that way.

In the beginning it was a non-verbal movement and musical piece initiated by three young woman in Prague: Tamar Ginati (stage & costume design), Janka Novorytova (movement) and Polina Tikk (music).

We would take an existing space (a cellar of a bar) and turn it into a living room of one person who recreates fragments of her memories through objects, movement and melodies.

PIECES was performed in Prague at Literární kavárna (20.12.2011) and Brno at UNTR pod Falkem  (17.1.2012).

Literární kavárna – Prague

Photographer: Jan Faukner

UNTR pod Falkem – Brno

Photographer: Marek Loskot

In Brno we filmed a short trailer of the performance. Camera: Marek Loskot; Editing: Polina Tikk; Music: Guy Gelem, Pollytikk.

In this first year of PIECES we used recorded music of Israeli musician Guy Gelem. I performed my music live. The song Hold Me Tight was closing the performance.

English Theatre Berlin

In the year of 2013 the original PIECES collective reunited in Berlin and performed a next version of PIECES. This time with words, involving cello musician Tongwai Lulin and a dancer Pedro Prazeres (as dramaturgic adviser). Second PIECES was focused more on the issues of identity.
Photographer: Pedro Pina Vasconcelos

In this performance I incorporated my new songs: Night Tram and Salvation. As well as other original music pieces.

The identity. The following text, written and performed by Tamar Ginati in PIECES, explains the identity issue we tried to communicate impersonate:

The need to define things all the time, where am  I standing according to the standards what am i waiting for, which social class am I, how much money do i earn, am i paying my  taxes on time what about health insurance life insurance, monthly ticket to the public transport will i ever have a car Who is my boyfriend Can not be a waitress anymore am i going to the gym my only property is one chair two pairs of shoes one computer and a very good pen, Where can i practice Joga for free, is it a Mini job part time full time, This room is more or less 14 square meters, i pay 300 euro per month i earn 700 I need a studio, measure for measure how to be how to live, should i leave, What to speak which kind of text should I write and how does it spell at all? Do you know a place to buy a warm blanket, I sleep without a pillow I need a base. How can I get some help, jobcentre, I am not an Artist, hate my accent can’t draw where do I live when was the last time I made some music, i am a citizen of the world can’t speak English anymore, i am Jewish, am i looking good? What, where have my creation gone, I have an MA in fine arts, im a musician, I play some love songs im not romantic, i would like to dance, i want to teach dancing im looking for a nice place i could make my own furniture, I am a traditional girl, im not a crazy artist, i need a base.

The show at English Theatre Berlin was reviewed in The Local.de

How to be, How to live.

Pieces was initiated in as an artistic tool that reflects the inner state of its creators shaped by current life situations. Therefore, as long as its creators are searching for personal forms of living, PIECES has to evolve accordingly.