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A trinity of tenderness, crudity and humor, the band’s music is exploring indie pop rock. Polina Tikk, russian singer and front woman on guitar, lets her powerful voice and songwriting ride on the crunchy grooves laid out by bass player Nicolas Pannetier and drummer Yoann Pisterman.

POLLY TIKK (Deutsch)
Die Band transportiert das starke und direkte Songwriting ihrer russischen Sängerin Polina Tikk auf einer ganz eigenen Indie-Pop-Welle. Mit Gitarre, Bass (Nicolas Pannetier) und Schlagzeug (Yoann Pisterman) transformieren sich ihre ehrlichen und wuchtigen Lyrics zu einer Dreieinigkeit aus Brutalität, Zärtlichkeit und Humor.



Press Quotes

  • Simone Deckner, The International Academy of Journalism

    Pollytikk, hailing from the far east Sakhalin Island and former student in St. Petersburg has a voice that makes you stop whatever you are doing at the moment in order to listen.

  • City guide magazine TimeOut St.Petersburg,

    The young Sakhalinian lady suceeding to touch eclectic european audiences with her acoustic pop-playfulness, will perform in St. Petersburg.

  • Fullmoonzine Magazine, Prague

    Pollytikk, a charming young lady with her guitar and her cello player have lifted the crowd off their chairs and swung them with their tunes.


POLLY TIKK played over 50 gigs (solo and with the band) in various countries, in venues such as Privatclub, Kaffee Burger and Theater unterm Dach in Berlin, KOMETA 2016 Festival in Riga and Fish Fabrique in St. Petersburg.


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