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Live at Madame Claude

Video from the gig at Madame Claude, Berlin. Every time I’ve played there, there was always great sound. And great audience!
On Bass – Nicolas Pannetier.

Salvation EP


Today I am happy to release my new two track EP ‘SALVATION’, produced by Nicolas Pannetier (Kater Kater). The first track you may already know from the video. The second one is called PASSPORT. Like the little book with your photo, name and maybe a chip that allows you to go through borders. Going through borders can be a very emotional thing. So here is the song. 🙂  Share, listen, buy and sing along! Big Hugs!



This post I would like to dedicate to an ongoing performance that I am involved in. It is called PIECES.

PIECES is an eclectic performance, musical piece, contemporary dance and literature reading dealing with identity. It was not always that way.

In the beginning it was a non-verbal movement and musical piece initiated by three young woman in Prague: Tamar Ginati (stage & costume design), Janka Novorytova (movement) and Polina Tikk (music).

We would take an existing space (a cellar of a bar) and turn it into a living room of one person who recreates fragments of her memories through objects, movement and melodies. Continue reading